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National Currency "Kuna": Croatia is part of the EU but you dont pay in Euro. In Croatia you pay in Kuna. Dont worry, all our poker games and Casino table games (Roulette, Black Jack, Ultimate Holdem, Punto Banco etc.) are running in Euro. Only our Slots take only Kuna bills. 1 Euro = 7,5 Kuna In our Casino you can change Euro in Kuna and back with a changing rate of 7,51 and 7,49. So there is nearly zero money lost. Please take care - if you change money at the airport you get only 1 Euro = 7,0 Kuna. We want you to play and not your money while you have to change to play!
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Hotel: You can book the Hotel on your own (for example through If you dont find a cheap price please contact us by phone and Email as we can offer special hotel rates for you.
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Travelling by car: You should have no problems finding a spot for your car. Contact us for more information about this if any problems should occur.